GRAYCODE, jiiiiin



musing forest(2024)
July 2024, Music, 12tracks, 296.5x296x33.7mm/66:42

May 2024, ISBN 979-11-90434-60-7, 225x308mm/50pages

Data Composition

    a tripartite project consisting of:
    A. a website titled “Data Composition -1” where data is collected;
    B. «Data Composition» which is a 50-day exhibition at a museum; and
    C. a sound piece titled Data Composition.

    solo exhibition
    at Sejong Museum of Art, Seoul. (web info)

period       Jan 15 - Mar 06, 2021

venue        Sejong Museum of Arts 2, Seoul, South Korea

support    Sejong Museum of Arts 
                    Seoul Metropolitan Government 

preface     Kahee Jeong  (click to read)  
                    An artistic attempt to blur the lines between past, present, and future

review 01  Namsee Kim  (click ro read)
                     Time Composed by Data

reveiw 02  Yunchul Kim  (click to read)
                     Data Composition

Data Composition is a tripartite project consisting of: A. a website titled “Data Composition -1” where data is collected; B. «Data Composition» which is a 50-day exhibition at a museum; and C. a sound piece titled Data Composition. The project begins by collecting data from visitors to the exhibition at Sejong Museum of Art 2 in Seoul (B). When visitors access the Data Composition -1 website (, their log data is collected (A) and utilized as the source of another sound piece by the artists GRAYCODE and jiiiiin to be released after the exhibition (C).

The Data Composition project focuses on time composed of data, which starts by contemplating the following question: What is the perception of time? Perhaps what we perceive as time is linear time flowing from the past through the present to the future; this system, however, could be a mere illusion that only exists in our perception rather than the actual physical phenomenon of time. The most remarkable change brought on by data in today’s society and culture is perhaps the change in the very system of time, which has transitioned from a time system whose structure was sequential and linear to one that enables the simultaneous and multifarious processing of time. Data is time. This transformation of data into a new concept of time is changing our systems and structures.

Data Composition 은 A. 데이터를 모으는 웹사이트 - Data Composition -1 B. 세종문화회관 전시장에서의 50일 간의 전시 - «Data Composition» C. 작곡된 사운드 작품 - Data Composition의 삼부로 구성되어 있는 프로젝트 이다. Data Composition 프로젝트는 서울에 위치한 세종문화회관 미술관에서 전시를 진행하면서 (B) 전시 기간 동 안 관람객들의 데이터를 모으는 것으로 시작한다. Data Composition -1 ( 웹 사이트를 통해 접속한 관 람객들의 로그 데이터를 수집 (A) 하여, 전시가 종료된 후 GRAYCODE, jiiiiin의 또 다른 사운드 작품으로 발표 (C) 되는 구조를 가진다.

Data Composition 프로젝트는 데이터로 구성된 시간에 관한 것이다. 시간은 무엇일까? 우리의 시간은 혹시 과거-현 재-미래로 이어지는 선형적 사건이 아닐까. 하지만 선형적 시간 체계는 우리의 인식 속 존재하는 환영일 뿐 실재하는 물리적 사건은 아닐 것이다. 오늘날의 사회와 문화가 이룩되면서, 데이터가 만드는 가장 큰 변화는 시간 체계의 변화라 생각한다. 순서에 따른 선행적 구조를 지니는 시간 체계에서 동시다발적인 시간 처리를 가능하게 하는 것이 오늘날 데 이터로 인한 가장 큰 변화가 아닐까? Data Composition 프로젝트에서 데이터는 시간이다. 데이터가 곧 시간이 되어 우리의 시스템과 체계를 변화시키고 있는지 모른다.







ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin

1. Data Composition
sound for on illusion of time, 2021

2. Data Composition
now slice, 2021
score I, 2020

3. Data Composition
frameworks of Data Composition, 2021
score II, 2021

4. Data Composition
on illusion of time, 2021

5. Data Composition
your now, 2021

6. Data Composition
commentary, 2021

photo ⓒ Jun-yong Cho, 2021

Data Composition | sound album
(releases in April 24)

Click here to listen sound album 

track           title                                      duration
01                  on illusion of time             10:39
02                  a cycle                                  00:01
03                  a cycle * a cycle [0]          00:01
04                  a cycle * a cycle [1]           00:01
05                  a cycle * a cycle [2]          00:01

06                  a cycle * a cycle [3]          00:01
07                  a cycle * a cycle [4]          00:01
08                  a cycle * a cycle [5]          00:01
09                  a cycle * a cycle [6]          00:01
10                   poly 7                                    10:39
11                    data composition             10:39  

COMPOSITION NOTE: The sound piece  was composed by directly considering the sound system in the area responding to the frequency from 35Hz to 21 kHz and the environment of the exhibition space. Therefore, the exact musical expression may not be delivered perfectly in other settings.

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            Description of Data Composition      
            Data Composition 
            Data sound synthesis

            The core idea of music composition
            Music album

            on illusion of time
            now slice
            frameworks of Data Composition
            floor plan
            exhibition view

The preface /
The critic’s review
            preface Kahee Jeong (EN, KR)
            Review Namsee Kim (EN, KR)
            Review Yunchul Kim (EN, KR)

published by Mediabus, 25.July.2021
ISBN 979-11-90434-16-4[93670]
design Sam Kim