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musing forest(2024)
July 2024, Music, 12tracks, 296.5x296x33.7mm/66:42

May 2024, ISBN 979-11-90434-60-7, 225x308mm/50pages

OF, orbital formality

    audio - visual live performance for figure 8 form 
    duration: ca. 35min
    8 channel audio, 48kHz 32bit | 2 channel video, 3840x1134px

Performanceon   Aug  18 10pm, 2023

excutive producer    Jay Bang    

co-producer    MUTEK

Venue    USINE - C, Montreal, Canada

support     INSCAPE and Mutek montreal

The time to listen to and enjoy music is a spontaneous change of nature. We are in it, like smoke dispersing endlessly into the air that couldn't reverse. We consider music an instrument that can measure the amount of change in time. It might be the reflection to discover evidence of being alive, just as heat never flows from a low temperature to a high temperature; what happened from the past to the present cannot be reduced from the present to the past. orbital formality attempts to turn a diminutive orbit in the spontaneous change of all nature. It occurs by breaking the symmetry of the sound constructed by our two ears. The attempt stands to turn a fine trajectory in mother nature, such as attending a sound stably, maintaining our body temperature, experiencing the change of day and night, or even witnessing the cycle of the seasons.






1.~ 5. OF, orbital formality: Aug 18, 2023

photo, BrunoAielloDestombes 2023