GRAYCODE, jiiiiin


Data Composition(2021)
published by Mediabus, 25.06.2021 ISBN 979-11-90434-16-4[93670]

[ #include red 2018 75 x 16 1,200m² ] live performance at Asia Culture Center (15.05.2017) ©GRAYCODE, jiiiiin

#include red
2016, 2017, 2018
composition for audio-visual 

solo exhibition
at Incheon Art Platform,  Korea, Republic of

group exhibition
at Madatac Festival, Spain
at Ma/in Festival, Italy
at COEX artrium, Seoul, Korea, Republic of
at Korean Cultural Centre UK, London, UK (ACC Video Archives)
at International Computer Music Conference, CN (selected) 

solo concert
at Asia Culture Center, Korea, Republic of

AV live performance
at Lunchmeat Festival, Czech
at Collection Born, Munich, Germany
at Koreanisches Kulturzentrum, Berlin, Germany

preface    Heymi Oh   오혜미

[ #include red(2017) documentary ⓒNIP ]

“What color does red sound like?”

#include red based on specific relationships, on between what we hear and what we see. It results from thoughts on human’s audio and visual sense that how those two different functions relate together and interchange with each other. Through substitutive relationship, the color red can cover for the lowest frequency regarding audio frequency. It originated with the simple concept that red might be in a low-frequency range if we listen to red.

GRAYCODE, jiiiiin

[ #include red in Madrid(2018) audio-visual installation ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin ]

[ #include red 75 x 16m 1,200m²(2017) live performance ⓒGRAYCODE, jiiiiin ]