GRAYCODE, jiiiiin



musing forest(2024)
July 2024, Music, 12tracks, 296.5x296x33.7mm/66:42

May 2024, ISBN 979-11-90434-60-7, 225x308mm/50pages

delta w, composition film

    «wave forecas» performance archive film

 Performance    Nov 16, 11am,  2022

radio forecasting    149.96MHz, Nov 16 11am, 2022

call sign    DS1UIY

Venue    N 33.23286°, E 126.51424°, Jeju, South Korea

support    Ministry of Cuiture, Sports and Tourism
                    Seogwipo- Si, Jeju-Do

We performed «delta w, composition film», the music of 16 minutes and 40 seconds (as a period of 1/1000Hz). It if for aspiration of modeling of nature homeostasis which is «wave forecast(2022)», presented outdoors in Jeju on 2022 November 17th and 18th. Via «wave forecast», the artist attempts to explore homeostasis, which is the invisible nature and its reality but constantly occurring within a cycle. It tried to demonstrate nature as the following entropy, the amount of change, hence the installation headed to the outdoor called Noji. Where the seaside of Seogwipo, when the ground is the most revealed depending on the tide, GRAYCODE and jiiiiin exhibited the installation on following nature variances. As a random phenomenon without rules and patterns, the chased signal from inputs 1 and 2 of «wave forecast» turns into cycle frequencies, called music «delta w», and sends them back throughout outputs 1 and 2, to where they originally had belonged. As mentioned, the music, «delta w», achieved and presented as a composition film. Homeostasis, that’s how we live in a stable life pattern within a cycle of nature.



1. score 01
delta w, composition film


2. score 02
delta w, composition film


shoot ⓒ Mc, 2022